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Max did it!

12 May 2009

Kazakh Climbers are well known in climbing community as real professionals. They amazed peoples by their climbing achievements and there is always a thought that those are not their only talents.

There is an opinion – “Talented man is talented in everything”. I do not know if sporting gift can be described as a talent but I do know that people in the Kazakh National team are extraordinary!
Let’s take Max – he’s got as a present a mini notebook, called feminine name Amilo, and wondered – “Interesting, can it work at 8000+ altitude?”. When he asked this question I smiled – the spirit of explorer beyond his sporting limits!

My “real life” reaction was predictable – “Maxut, does you have a contract with Fujitsu-Siemens?” But this was already not too important …

At the beginning of May, Maxut has sent me a letter and it contained pictures that proved that his high-tech experiment was a complete success!

Olga Zhumayeva