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The International Mountaineering Festival "Ergaki 2009"

12 May 2009

The International Mountaineering Festival “Ergaki 2009” will be held in Russia, in the Western Sayan Mountains (Krasnoyarsk Territory) from the 5th of July up to the 29h of July in 2009.

Ergaki is a wonderful climbing area with long vertical walls and virgin nature. The height of summits is up to 3000 meters. Ergaki is the National Natural Park.

Two persons (a pair) from any country of the world are invited to take part in the Festival.

Russian Mountaineering Federation will compensate all the expenses for accommodation on the territory of the park and for transfer Krasnoyarsk – Ergaki – Krasnoyarsk.

The programme of the Festival will include:
• Bouldering competition
• Multi-pitch competition in pairs
• Making first ascents, climbing, Base jumping
• if you wish Travelling to the area of Mt. Belukha (the highest top of the Altai) or to Krasnoyarskie Stolby (The Krasnoyarsk Pillars, a mecca of Russian rock climbing)

More information about the festival alpfestival.com.

<a href="http://alpfestival.com/" target="blank">alpfestival.com</a>

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