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IFSC Bouldering Worldcup 2009, 3 gold medals for austria, one for japan

3 May 2009

The Bouldering Worldcup in Hall/Austria saw the first superfinal in Bouldering ever! And the first ex aequo, too!

The second edition of the IFSC Bouldering Worldcup 2009 saw in the women’s event the first ever superfinal between Anna Stöhr (AUT) and Akiyo Noguchi (JPN). And in addition both topped also this last boulder, so the Bouldering World had its first ex aequo result!

The men’s event won by Kilian Fischhuber (AUT) who let the silver medal for Gabriele Moroni (ITA) and the bronze medal was won by nobody else than Adam Ondra (CZE) who did (with 16 years now) his first Worldcup ever!! We are curious what this super talented climber will do in the Lead events which are his true strength.

Finally the Team Ranking was won by Austria, the second best Team was Russia, before France.

1000 spectators saw this 4th event in Hall which became a very nice festival of Bouldering. Thanks to ÖWK and the section of Hall for this second edition of Bouldering Worldcup 2009.


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