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57th TrentoFilmfestival preview

23 April 2009

The 57th Trento FilmFestival, the oldest film festival dedicated to mountains, exploration and adventure takes place in Trento from 21 April to 3 May. The films, evenings, main players and meetings and some thoughts about the pre-Festival…

How many souls do the mountains have? Certainly as many as the men and women who live in them, who cross them and love them. There are many visions therefore. And many of these will certainly be unveiled during the 57th edition of the TrentoFilmfestival which promises it usual rich calendar of films, events and evening talks dedicated to mountaineering, as well as meetings with film directors, writers, mountaineers and all that which is connected to the “culture” and life of the mountains.

The Festival begin on 21 April with the traditional MontagnaLibri international book fair with encompasses practically all mountain books. As usual this anticipates the Film Festival proper, which commences on 25 April with the evening dedicated to “Blind Husbands”, the beautiful mute film by Erich von Stroheim orchestrated live by the Trento Philharmonic Orchestra. Those who have watched these performances unfold over time know that this will be a unique event, not to be missed, that unites great cinema with great music. But let’s take things one step at a time, because there are plenty of occasions to watch other great events live.

Information taken from www.planetmountain.com