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Cho Oyu on the south-east wall - HOME!

26 May 2009

General sponsors of the expedition:

May 26

Today, 3.20 am, after two days at the airport due to the Deli breakage plane, Denis Urubko and Boris Dedeshko finally arrived home!

May 20
Message from Dennis:

Hi! Here is the line of our route. Accommodation – 6000, 6600, 7100, 7600. At an altitude of 8000m, my line would seem to coincide with the Polish. Down went with an overnight stay – 7600, 7100, 6600.

I would like to thank the sponsors of this project! Companies NEWTECH distribution” and “Kazakhstan Kagazy”. And also the President of Mountaineering and Climbing Federation of Republic of Kazakhstan, Baghlan Zhunusov!

Through their compassion athletic goals and objectives, the team CSCA had a new, interesting for all routes in the Himalayas!

And a couple of our photos …:)

May 15

Today, Dennis Urubko sent SMS!
WALL PASSED! May 11 Dan and Boris were at the top! Today, down in the base and immediately took to us! This 14 th 8000+ from Dennis and 2 from Boris.

Congratulations guys on the victory!

SMS from Denis:
Hi! 11-May climbed to the summit Cho Oyyu with Boris on a new route SE wall. Alive, in good health. Good luck to the team of Everest. Denis and Boris.

06 May

Today Denis and Boris came to the storming of the wall. Thuraya does not originate with him, so the connection is only through the 7-9 days.

SMS from Denis, 13.30 in Almaty time:
We came to ABC, tomorrow being made on a route! After lunch, the snow starts, the rocks in the ice. I hope after 8-9 days will be in touch. Den and Boris.

04 May
SMS from Denis Urubko:

Hi! We came to BC after my illness. How to raise up to go try to storm the walls. Weather is bad.

April 26:
Dennis has sent a message

Returned to base, got a passage under the wall through ice fall, 5600m. Impressive! :) The route is clear, the conditions suitable. Key route – a steep rocky area at an altitude of 7100m, and heavy backpacks. :)

We are tired, rest a couple of days, waiting for the weather.

April 22:

Denis with Boris in the base camp. The day before yesterday, they went up to the acclimatization to the altitude of 7100m. away from the wall. Want to learn more about the route before the storm.

Message from Denis to russianclimb.com:
We have here a very good! Grass (dry yet, the truth) … The sun shines. Mood exclusively military. On the wall of snow less than normal (compare with that seen in previous photos). By the wall, we have not yet been approached, acclimatized aside, wish to better consider the wall before the assault. An additional 5-6 days to relax.

Information is provided russianclimb.com

Finally, after a long silence there were news of Denis Urubko.

Denis and Boris Dedeshko already full work week on a new route on Cho Oyyu, only one had not yet passed Denis, peak above 8000+. Dennis plans to take a new route on the south-east wall in the Alpine style.

Dmeatry Volkov
Dennis Urubko

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