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Traditional international May climb in Ala Archa.

20 April 2009

May 1, in Kyrgyzstan, in the Ala-Archa gorge, will be the traditional international May climb.

The event is held to promote mountaineering and sports enhance the skills of climbers and tourists. Arrival of participants will be held on April 30. The next day, May 1, will be a mass ascension at the peak Komsomolets (4150 m.), on route 1B category complexity.

Under climb also a trip through the new pass and dedication to climbers (2 May), sports and training climb peaks in the valley and the Ala-Archa Dugoba, which will culminate on May 10.

During the climb will be a public rescue squad, consisting of participants of the event. This will include team and individual climbers team sports and sports clubs and educational institutions of Kyrgyzstan and other CIS countries.

In late April 1970, a group of soldiers under the command of climbers Senior Sergeant Oleg Burov, to ascend the peak of Komsomolets, the tract of the Ala-Archa. Where to honor the 100 th anniversary of Lenin set up a memorial sign – 100 mm. Tank shell with an appropriate inscription.


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