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Kazakhstan may establish a professional mountaineering school

13 January 2012

Establishing the «Tau namys» school of mountaineering is a solution that would preserve the existing traditions and skills of Kazakhstan’s mountaineering and consolidate the leading position of Kazakhstan’s mountaineers in the world. This issue topped a discussion at a meeting of Kazakhstan’s lower house, the Majilis.

Kazakhstan mountaineering has reached important achievements as the national team of the country has climbed all of the world’s top 14 summits situated in the Himalayas and Karakoram within a 20-year period. Kazakhstan rock climbers were the first to perform this task as a team. In addition, the three climbers from Kazakhstan entered the list of those who climbed all the 14 eight-thousand-metre peaks. They are: the holder of the Golden Ice Axe of Asia and the world Denis Urubko, Maksut Zhumayev and Vassily Pivtsov who received the so-called Himalayan crown. The national team’s captain Maksut Zhumayev and his partner Vassiliy Pivtsov both made an enormous contribution to Kazakhsstan’s ascension to the highest peaks of the world. Regarding the number of attempts to ascend the highest mountains, Kazakhstan is still behind Italy and South Korea, but the largest number of oxygen-free ascending to the eight-thousand-metre peaks belongs to Kazakhstan’s climbers.

Maksut Zhumayev, Captain, Kazakhstan National Mountain Climbing Team
«Once we got together in one team, we did a great job of creating the school and what exactly the school will be dealing with and how we can see it develop. Recently, we turned to the Prime Minister with a parliamentary inquiry and we asked the Prime Minister to help us. So, our idea was supported not only at the highest level by MPs but also by Deputy Nurlan Abdirov personally. Then, it was also supported by the Nur Otan party, the Atameken Economic Chamber, and the Union of Afghan War Veterans.»

Nur Otan veteran Serikkali Mukanov is now dealing with the creation of the school as he invited experienced mountaineers and climbers such as Maksut Zhumayev, Dmitriy Muravyov and Alexander Rudakov to cooperate in the project.

Source(with video): Caspionet.kz


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