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Third Session of Alpine Tuyuk-Su Mountaineering School

4 April 2011

A new session of mountaineering training school will be held at Alpine Tuyuk-Su Camp(Malii Almatinskii gordge, the Zailiisky Alatau mountain range) from April 29 to May 10, 2011. A training program consists of a rock and ice-climbing course, a fundamentals and essentials of mountaineering, basics of first aid in the mountains and climbs on Zailiisky Alatau peaks.

Alpine Tuyuk-Su Camp is organized to promote a mass mountain climbing, accomplish climbing qualification categories, improve sports results, and help alpine clubs with training qualified instructors.

General management and coordinating of the alpine camp is organized by the Tuyuk-Su camp committee with the assistance of Kazakhstan Mountain Club and Almaty Rescue Service. During the period of school functioning, coordination and assistance among mountaineering clubs and groups in mountaineering is welcomed.

Enrollment procedure.

Participation in the alpine Tuyuk-Su school is on a paying basis. Questions about enrollment, participation and fees could be asked: tema_skopin@mail.ru, alpinistkz@mail.ru

Telephone: +7 777 619 01 57; +7 702 257 79 56 Skopin Artem.

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