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The Results of Vladmir Gorbunov Rock Climbing Technique Competition 2011

1 April 2011

Rock climbing technique competition dedicated to a memory of Vladimir Gorbunov was held at Tamgaly Tas area, the Ili River from 20 to 23 March, 2011

In the men’s category, Denis Grinevitch (CSKA Urubko) took the first place with the time of 8 minutes 37 seconds!
The second – Chirwa Dmitry9 minutes 10 seconds.
The third – Pavel Gryaznov (Burevestnik)16 minutes 48 seconds.

Among women:
1 st place – Yuzeeva Sofia (CSKA Urubko)00.32.09
2 nd place – Krupa Olesya (Burevestnik)00.57.10
3 rd place – Maeva Xenia (Burevestnik)00.54.36

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