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Rocks near Butakovskiy Waterfall

“Butakovskiy waterfall” is one of our tourist attraction. It is situated not far fom Almaty (less then 10 kilometers).
You can find it near a small river, outfalled in Butakovka, 4 kilometers upper then famous sport complex.
The main climbing wall near the waterfall is the left wall.
It’s height is approximetly 70 meters. There is several anchors on the top for the overhead safety.
You should have not less then 150 meters rope.
It will take approx. 1 hour to arrange overhead safety.
Routs on the rock has different difficult categories – from 6a+ (Fr). It is also possible to make very difficult routs (even 8c) on the rock place called mirrow.

Oleg Lvov. Translated by Salamakhina Tatiana
Oleg Lvov

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