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Baglan Zhunussov

Zhunusov Baglan

Date of birth: 03.05.1965.
President of Mountaineering and climbing federation of Kazakhstan
Honored Master of Sports of Kazakhstan

The silver prize-winner of the Russian Championship
in technical class in 1991.

From 1989 till 2003 12 ascents of 5 and 6-th difficulty
categories was made.
Leader of Kazakhs expeditions: Acancagua 1998, McKinley 2000, Vinson 2001,NP,BP, K2 2003, Khan tengri 2002, K2 2007.

The most important ascents:

  1. Free Korea Peak – the middle of North wall, 6А
  2. Parandas Castle, 6А
  3. Chapdara Peak (the Solonnikov’s route), the North wall, 6B
  4. Peak Corona 5 tower (Winter), 6А
  5. Mac-Kinley Peak, 5Б (USA)
  6. Acancagua Peak, 4Б
  7. Winson Peak, 4Б (Antarctica)
  8. Montblan (France)
  9. Elbrus (Russia)
  10. Khan-Tengry Peak (7010), 5Б
  11. Lenin Peak (7134)

5th Peaks from 7th of 7 summit programms