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Ilyinskiy Ervand

Ilyinskiy Ervand
Date of birth: 1940.

Master of Sport of the USSR from 1968.
Master of Sports of International Level and Honored Master of Sports of the USSR – from 1982.
The main coach of CSCA from 1973.
Honored Coach of Kazakhstan 1975
Honored Coach of the USSR – from 1979.

Many times Champion of the USSR’s Championships

Government award
1. The order «Sign of Honor» – in 1982.
2. The order «Nation Friendship» – in 1990.
3. The order «Otan» – in 1997.

In the period of his work as a coach, he reared: More then 100 Masters of Sports. 33 of them are Masters of Sports of International Level, 23 of them are Honored Masters of Sports.